EquineLUX Saddle Pads
REVERSIBLE half pads with insertsREVERSIBLE half pads with inserts

Two-sides non-slip UNIQUE HALF PAD

The innovative and versatile EquineLUX REVERSIBLE non-slip two-colors half pad keeps your saddle in place thanks to the straightforward but smart design.
The two-sided EquineLUX reversible half pad keeps your saddle stable both on the saddle pad and on your horse's back by creating a grippy layer between them.

The EquineLUX reversible half pad won't absorb soaps, which can result in horse's skin problems.

Versatile, straightforward and smart design. "Flip-It-Over!"

The EquineLUX REVERSIBLE half pad features two large non-skid patches which are sewed on its both sides - upper and lower ones to keep your saddle from slipping.
These patches are made from air-through mesh textile and coated by anti-friction polyurethane to steadily secure the reversible half pad under your saddle. Non-stick, non-skid, non-slip mesh textyle is soft and flexible enough to adapt to the underside relief of your saddle without provoking formation of folds or jams.

The EquineLUX REVERSIBLE half pad can be used both with and without shims or inserts. In the "no-shims" case scenario this half pad is 100% air permiable, and it is able to release horse's body heat and sweat efficiently and rapidly.