EquineLUX Saddle Pads

EquineLUX - It is just perfect!   (Monica Silver - Dexter, MI, USA)

Shimmable Hunter saddle pad with pockets

EASY-ADJUSTABLE shimmable Hunter saddle pad

Received my order ealrier then anticipated. Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for our first show on the 15th. Product was delivered as advertised. Will be purchasing another one. Thanks again Maxim for an amazing product and amazing customer service. Would love to send you a piics....

Ian Stupp, Arnprior, ON, Canada   ︴Item # H101-W

Shimmable Jumper half pad with pockets

BufferLUX shimmable Jumper half pad

Everything is great and everybody LOVES your pads! There is really no problem at all with anything. Your pads wash great and so far they hold up fabulous so NO I don't have any complaints at all. As far as I am concerned they are perfect.

Brita Rizzi, Whispering Pines, NC, USA
Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting   ︴Item # J302-B

Endurance saddle pad with pockets for shims

SHOCK-REDUCING Endurance saddle pad

I received the Endurance saddle pad and it is perfect! You and your production team have out done yourselves once again. The pad fits my saddle and also prevents it from shifting. I love the extra foam pads and Holly has a nice soft back after our rides. I've attached pictures so you can see how wonderful the fit is. You should definitely add this pad to your inventory list!

Monica Bernhardt, Beamsville, ON, Canada   ︴Item # Y101-B

Reversible Jumper half pad (19-inch Thornhill 24 K Event)

BufferLUX Jumper REVERSIBLE half pad

I love the half pad... It allows so much flexibility in whatever horse I put my saddle (Thornhill 24 K event) on.... will accommodate any back. Have used it hunting on 4 different horses.
It helps my sidle fit everything from a thin OTTB to a huge American Warmblood.

Martha Wheaton Robertson, Quarryville, PA, United States   ︴Item # J302-HB

Hunter Saddle Pad (17.5-inch Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle with a forward flap)

SLIP-STOPPING contoured saddle pad (special order)

I apologize for being so late on sending these pictures of my old pad and the lovely new pad. I was at a show this past weekend and there was a woman taking pictures of my pad because of the good fit.
(saddle: AA Prestige with a forward flap - 17.5")
I can’t tell you how much I love this pad, no slipping, great fit and is top notch quality. Sorry I didn’t get it washed before I took the pictures but I was afraid I would procrastinate again and thought it better to just get them sent to you.

Maggie Moore, Atascadero, CA, United States   ︴Item # H101-W

Non-slip half pad with pockets and sheepskin trim (17.5-inch Prestige hunter classic saddle with a forward flap (AA)

Non-slip half pad with pockets & sheepskin trim

My GripLUX pad arrived today and it is just perfect! It looks beautiful and fits just how I wanted, with just the right amount of coverage. I rode in it tonight and it performed just how I had hoped it would.
Thank you so much!

Monica Silver, Dexter, MI, United States   ︴Item # J303-W

Sheepskin Half Pad for the 18.0-inch Marcel Toulouse Premia Saddle

Jumper Sheepskin half pad with pockets

I have got a pad from EquineLUX and have actually got multiple friends to purchase them as well.
It’s honestly the best pad I’ve ever had - and I’ve tried them all!
My horse’s back has never been better, and I swear by the pad now!!

Julia Tully, Canton, MA, United States   ︴Item # J304-W

Dressage Sheepskin Half Pad, sheepskin cantle roll and sheepskin pommel roll

Dressage Half pad with sheepskin lining and trim

Thanks for super fast shipping!
I won one of your saddle pads at Harmony Horse Trials in 2013 and it still looks amazing after all this time even with very heavy use. When I had to shop for a new half pad, I immediately thought of EquineLUX. I will recommend your products!

Lissa Boutin, Ascot Corner, QC, Canada   ︴Item # D301-BW

Cody Sturgess about SHOCK-ABSORBING Cross-Country non-slip saddle pad with pockets for shims

SHOCK-REDUCING Cross-Country non-slip saddle pad

I will be honest, I was quite hesitant to try the new pad as I was a firm believer in your competitor, Ecogold. After months of testing, I am extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the EquineLux Pad, it is now my pad of choice.

Cody Sturgess, Port Perry, ON, Canada   ︴Item # E101-W