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Technology and Materials  for comfortable saddle pads

Each saddle pad designing company makes its own thing and each offers original products.

At first glance, saddle pads might look alike due to similar top fabric and material used in making of saddle pads.
But actually they truly differ in many respects: concept, design, technology, materials, workmanship, and pricing.

EquineLUX saddle pads and half pads are designed from a high-quality Merino sheepskin, 100% cotton fabric, soft and springy air-trough 3-Dimensional textile, non-slip epoxy coated mesh textile, and open-cell High Resilience foam. The multi-layer design of EquineLUX Saddle Pads provides better efficiency and increased reliability.

Where the Perfection Begins

non-slip mesh

In order to provide a best shock-absorption effect, EquineLUX combined a variety of natural and artificial materials.

The MERINO sheepskin is well known for reducing the pressure on horse's back when working under saddle.
Our study demonstrated that 3-Dimensional Spacer textile in conjunction with High-Resilience foam and Merino sheepskin can significantly reduce the pressure on a horse's back without compromising a saddle fit.

Merino sheepskin

Thanks to their design, EquineLUX saddle pads really can:

✓ reduce heat build-up
✓ allow consistent air circulation
✓ provide faster sweat absorption and efficient evaporation
✓ promote relief to sensitive and irritated skin
✓ protects sheepskin against mould and mildew.

3-D Spacer fabric

At EquineLUX, we use a 100% cotton fabric quilted with soft synthetic fibers for the underside of our saddle pads. This natural material wicks away horse's sweat quickly and efficiently, while absolutely air-permeable 3-D textile promotes efficient moisture evaporation. This solution keeps your horse more comfortable and help eliminate some of the 'cold back' syndrome causes.

Moreover, when wet, cotton tends to naturally stick to the horses' skin, which makes EquineLUX saddle pads non-slip without actually hurting the horse.

Each EquineLUX saddle pad model is made of 3 to 5 distinct layers of fabrics and materials combined in a way that is both innovative and technologically advanced.

✦ Hypoallergenic 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric provides exit paths for moisture and stale air, promoting faster sweat evaporation and maximum breathability. Additional benefits include shock absorption and cushioning with excellent recovery properties.

✦ Quilted with breathable and light-weight synthetic fibers, 100% cotton pre-shrunk lining wicks away sweat quickly and efficiently.

✦ High quality Merino sheepskin contains lanolin, a natural substance, which soothes the horse's skin and promotes a unique therapeutic effect. Merino Sheepskin wicks away sweat, keeps the horse cool during summer, and warm in winter.

✦ Epoxy resin coated air-through non-slip mesh assures perfect grip, allowing you to prevent lateral, forward, or backward shifting and holding the saddle in the right place.

✦ Open-cell High-Resilience foam inserts allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus reducing pressure and providing shock absorption effect. Due to its quality, HR foam doesn't break down from heat and salt. Its cell structure differs from the structure of conventional foams, which makes HR foam more supportive, comfortable & durable.

✦ Genuine leather reinforcements on the girth area ensure durability of the EquineLUX saddle pad.