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EQUINELUX - It fits my saddle perfectly.

Hunter Saddle Pad for 17.5-inch Amerigo DJ with long and forward flap

Contoured saddle pad with pockets (customized)

A big thank you to you for a beautiful pad that fits!    (saddle: Amerigo DJ, 17.5")
I took a few pictures so you can see the results (there’s a towel underneath as my horse was wet and dirty). Also I have a Thinline half pad between your pad and the saddle that you can see a bit of.
Thanks again for the express shipping so it was here in time. Two thumbs up for your excellent service. :)

  • Marissa Hishon, Freelton, ON, Canada
  • Item # H101-W
Sheepskin Half Pad with inserts / pockets for shims - Dressage

Sheepskin Half-Pad with pockets

I received the half pad yesterday and rode in it twice now. I really think I feel I difference in his comfort and feel he’s more relaxed. He is a thoroughbred with a sensitive back and everything for that matter.
Didn’t end up using the shims cause felt it gave enough lift in the front just with the half pad.

  • Jodi Cooper, Petrolia, ON, Canada
  • Item # D304-B
Eventing Saddle Pad with inserts / pockets for shims

Cross-Country Saddle Pad with pockets

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the pad and I’ve already told everyone in my barn about it!
It very well could be a total coincidence but my horse has been going fabulously since riding in it.
It fits my saddle perfectly AND I noticed that he’s not nearly as sweaty underneath the saddle. He usually sweats a ton under the saddle and the other day all I had to do was curry him off and he was good to go!

  • Haley Benzon, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Item # E101-W
Hunter Saddle Pad with inserts / pockets for shims and fleece edge roll

Easy-Adjustable™ Hunter Saddle Pad with pockets

I absolutely love your show Hunter pads. They look beautiful. It fits the saddle perfectly and didn’t move through the whole time we rode.
Many compliments on it through the day :)
Thank you.

  • Kim / Welwyn Stable, Rhinebeck, NY, USA
  • Item # H101-W
Customized Hunter Saddle Pad (17.5-inch Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle with a forward flap)

Dressage saddle pad with pockets

I attached a picture with the pad. I actually don’t think it could fit much better - I think it fits both him and the saddle almost perfectly.
In love with the EquineLux dressage pad

  • Sarah Shawnee Dawson, Lancaster, PA, USA
  • Item # D101-W