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EQUINELUX - it is just perfect!

Reversible Jumper half pad (19-inch Thornhill 24 K Event)

REVERSIBLE BufferLUX Jumper half pad

I love the half pad... It allows so much flexibility in whatever horse I put my saddle (Thornhill 24 K event) on.... will accommodate any back. Have used it hunting on 4 different horses.
It helps my sidle fit everything from a thin OTTB to a huge American Warmblood.

  • Martha Wheaton Robertson, Quarryville, PA, U.S.
  • Item # J302-HB
Hunter Saddle Pad (17.5-inch Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle with a forward flap)

SLIP-STOPPING contoured saddle pad (customized)

I apologize for being so late on sending these pictures of my old pad and the lovely new pad. I was at a show this past weekend and there was a woman taking pictures of my pad because of the good fit.
(saddle: AA Prestige with a forward flap - 17.5")
I can’t tell you how much I love this pad, no slipping, great fit and is top notch quality. Sorry I didn’t get it washed before I took the pictures but I was afraid I would procrastinate again and thought it better to just get them sent to you.

  • Maggie Moore, Atascadero, CA, United States
  • Item # H101-W
Non-slip half pad with pockets and sheepskin trim (17.5-inch Prestige hunter classic saddle with a forward flap (AA)

Non-slip half pad with pockets & sheepskin trim

My GripLUX pad arrived today and it is just perfect! It looks beautiful and fits just how I wanted, with just the right amount of coverage. I rode in it tonight and it performed just how I had hoped it would.
Thank you so much!

  • Monica Silver, Dexter, MI, United States
  • Item # J303-W
Sheepskin Half Pad for the 18.0-inch Marcel Toulouse Premia Saddle

Sheepskin half pad with pockets

I have got a pad from EquineLUX and have actually got multiple friends to purchase them as well.
It’s honestly the best pad I’ve ever had - and I’ve tried them all!
My horse’s back has never been better, and I swear by the pad now!!

  • Julia Tully, Canton, MA, United States
  • Item # J304-W
Dressage Sheepskin Half Pad, sheepskin cantle roll and sheepskin pommel roll

Half pad with sheepskin lining and trim

Thanks for super fast shipping!
I won one of your saddle pads at Harmony Horse Trials in 2013 and it still looks amazing after all this time even with very heavy use. When I had to shop for a new half pad, I immediately thought of EquineLUX. I will recommend your products!

  • Mélissa Boutin, Ascot Corner, QC, Canada
  • Item # D301-BW
Cody Sturgess about SHOCK-ABSORBING Cross-Country non-slip saddle pad with pockets for shims

SHOCK-REDUCING non-slip saddle pad

I will be honest, I was quite hesitant to try the new pad as I was a firm believer in your competitor, Ecogold. After months of testing, I am extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the EquineLux Pad, it is now my pad of choice.

  • Cody Sturgess, Port Perry, ON, Canada
  • Item # E101-W