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Saddle pads with inserts

EquineLUX non-slip saddle pads with pockets for shims are made from durable, breathable, and antifungal fabrics and Merino sheepskin to guarantee reliable grip, efficient moisture evaporation, shock reduction, and an attractive look.

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About EquineLUX saddle pads

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Each saddle pad designing company makes its own thing and each offers original products. At first glance, saddle pads might look alike due to similar top fabric and material used in making of saddle pads. But actually they truly differ in many respects: concept, design, technology, materials, workmanship, and pricing.

EquineLUX English saddle pads with inserts and half pads with pockets for shims are designed from soft polyester 3-Dimensional Spacer textile, high-quality Merino sheepskin, 100% cotton fabric, epoxy resin coated non-slip mesh textile, and open-cell High Resilience foam. The multi-layer design of EquineLUX English saddle pads provides better efficiency and increased reliability.  Read More

REVERSIBLE saddle pads with inserts

Reversible saddle pads

Wouldn't you like to get a two in one half-pad? No doubts, such a deal would appeal to the majority of riders...

Have you been ever caught off guard with your nice and new show half-pad forgotten at home, urgently needing a substitute? Have you ever lacked time to wash your half-pad, with no clean one at hand when it's needed?  Read More

When it comes to saddle fitting

From the standpoint of a saddle fitting specialist, a saddle pad with open pockets (i.e. pockets that are not divided into sections) is much easier to use and adjust in terms of the way it fits the horse, in comparison to a conventional multi-pocket pad. Simple and reliable design makes EquineLUX saddle pads and half pads one of the best products currently available on the market.

EquineLUX saddle pad with two large pockets can accommodate both specialized and custom-made insets for saddle-cushioning and saddle fitting. Most importantly, these large pockets can accommodate shims or inserts that are wider than the half pad's sitting area, which allows an even distribution of weight and prevents the development of pressure points, the most common horse back problem....  Karen Withstandley, The Refined Equine  |  Read More