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One Family - one saddle pad.

August 26, 2022 — This is a very simple and not informative story of a saddle pad* bought by our reputable customer Debbie Cooper a few years ago. This story could be called "One saddle pad - one Family." Or even so, "One Family - one saddle pad." However, what is the real difference? And we are really glad that one saddle pad can serve the members of the same family for many years, used in a variety of ways during a variety of events. One day it is a show pad, the other day it is a trial saddle pad. What else can serve as proof that this saddle pad is really needed, that it is in demand and useful for all members of this large and friendly family?

One Family - one saddle pad.

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dressage-saddle-pad-close-contact-pad dressage-saddle-pad-close-showpad

* EquineLUX makes high-quiality English saddle pads and half pads that guarantee greater adjustability, high moisture permeability, shock reduction, reliable grip, intelligent design, attractive look while using such materials as Merino sheepskin, three-dimensional textyle, cotton fabric, and high-resilience foam.