EquineLUX Saddle Pads

EQUINELUX - The great dressage saddle pads.   (Peter L. N. Chiddy, Team Ontario - 2013 CIEC, Canada)

Saddle pad with inserts / pockets for shims for Show-Jumping

Jumper Saddle Pad with pockets

The saddle pad arrived today. I must say that I am blown away by the quality! It is much better than the Mattes pads, for example...

Stefanie Reinhold, Madison, WI United States   ︴Item # J101-B

Dressage Saddle pad with inserts / pockets for shims

Shock-absorbing Saddle Pad with pockets

Thank you SO much for the saddlepads. They’re absolutely gorgeous - the fit is perfect - absolutely no slip at all, they look fabulous and my mare is very very happy.
They're absolutely fantastic... I can honestly say, they’re without doubt the best saddle pads I’ve ever used... and I've tried a lot of the more expensive ranges too. Nothing comes close: well worth the investment!

Emma Hart, Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom   ︴Item # D101-B

Shaped Eventing Saddle pad with inserts / pockets for shims

Cross-Country Saddle Pad with pockets

I have and it's the best pad that I have ever used! I have bought some very high end saddle pads in the past and this is my go to pad for every day and showing! Having a mare with low withers and one that is very round made mounting without the saddle slipping a challenge. However, with this pad I have no problems. It does not slip, shift or slide during my rides either.

Monica Bernhardt, United States   ︴Item # E101-W

Close-Contact Dressage saddle pad

Dressage saddle pad with leather reinforcements

Many thanks for the great dressage saddle pads for team Ontario in Calgary. They were great and I also know that Fresco (my horse) appreciated it a lot!

Peter L. N. Chiddy, Team Ontario - 2013 CIEC, Canada   ︴Item # D102-W