EquineLUX Saddle Pads

EQUINELUX - The great customer service !   (Janine Swallow - Fergus, ON, Canada)

Hunter Saddle Pad with inserts / pockets for shims and fleece edge roll

easy-adjustable Contoured saddle pad with pockets

Indy and I love the new hunter pad. He is much happier moving forward and so much more ready to work. He also used to sweat up a storm under the saddle, now he is only sweating under the leather girth but not under the pad. I was able to attend a dressage clinic with Irene Boss. I had a great time and Indy was very proud of himself. I am thinking of getting a dressage pad with the half in sheepskin. Thank you so much for such an amazing product.

MaryAnne Malec, Oswego, NY, United States   ︴Item # H101-W

Close Contact saddle pad non-slip for Show-Jumping

Sweat-Wicking Saddle Pad with leather reinforcements

I have received the saddle pad and it is PEFECT! Much better for our needs. Thank you so much for the great customer service! I will definitely be recommending you to fellow riders and will be back for more product in the future.
Thanks once again...

Janine Swallow, Fergus, ON, Canada   ︴Item # J102-B

Dressage saddle pad with inserts / pockets for shims

SHOCK-REDUCING Saddle Pad with pockets for shims

I quite like mine. I did find there was a lot of bulk with the big shim that came with the pad plus my own front risers, but I just took it out and the problem was solved. It’s held up well. The grippy fabric keeps everything in place beautifully...

Nonie Smart, Kitchener, ON, Canada   ︴Item # D101-W

Dressage REVERSIBLE half pad with inserts / pockets for shims, non-slip half pad

Reversible half-pad with pockets

I ordered a half pad after Christmas and just started using it this week. So far, I really like it! I wanted something that was a bit more substantial than my Thinline but not as thick as an Ogilvy, and it fits the bill perfectly. Adds some cushion without the bulk that I find the Ogilvy half pads have.

JumpTheMoon, ON Canada   ︴Item # D302-B