EquineLUX Saddle Pads

EQUINELUX - It fits my saddle perfectly.   (Haley Benzon - Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Hunter Saddle Pad for 17.5-inch Amerigo DJ with long and forward flap

Contoured saddle pad with pockets (special order)

A big thank you to you for a beautiful pad that fits!    (saddle: Amerigo DJ, 17.5")
I took a few pictures so you can see the results (there’s a towel underneath as my horse was wet and dirty). Also I have a Thinline half pad between your pad and the saddle that you can see a bit of.
Thanks again for the express shipping so it was here in time. Two thumbs up for your excellent service. :)

Marissa Hishon, Freelton, ON, Canada   ︴Item # H101-W

Sheepskin Half Pad with inserts / pockets for shims - Dressage

Sheepskin Half-Pad with pockets

I received the half pad yesterday and rode in it twice now. I really think I feel I difference in his comfort and feel he’s more relaxed. He is a thoroughbred with a sensitive back and everything for that matter.
Didn’t end up using the shims cause felt it gave enough lift in the front just with the half pad.

Jodi Cooper, Petrolia, ON, Canada   ︴Item # D304-B

Eventing Saddle Pad with inserts / pockets for shims

Cross-Country Saddle Pad with pockets

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the pad and I’ve already told everyone in my barn about it!
It very well could be a total coincidence but my horse has been going fabulously since riding in it.
It fits my saddle perfectly AND I noticed that he’s not nearly as sweaty underneath the saddle. He usually sweats a ton under the saddle and the other day all I had to do was curry him off and he was good to go!

Haley Benzon, Salt Lake City, UT, United States   ︴Item # E101-W

Hunter Saddle Pad with inserts / pockets for shims and fleece edge roll

Easy-Adjustable Hunter Saddle Pad with pockets

I absolutely love your show Hunter pads. They look beautiful. It fits the saddle perfectly and didn’t move through the whole time we rode.
Many compliments on it through the day :)
Thank you.

Kim / Welwyn Stable, Rhinebeck, NY, United States   ︴Item # H101-W

Customized Hunter Saddle Pad (17.5-inch Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle with a forward flap)

Cross-Country Shaped saddle pad with pockets for shims

I attached a picture with the pad. I actually don’t think it could fit much better - I think it fits both him and the saddle almost perfectly.
In love with the EquineLux dressage pad.

Sarah Shawnee Dawson, Lancaster, PA, United States   ︴Item # E101-W