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EquineLUX  Saddle Pads

EquineLUX English saddle pads and half-pads are made from the 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric. A major advantage of this hypoallergenic material is the low weight, high air permeability and springy effect that provides both a superior thermal comfort and pressure relief.

The areas of application of the 3-D Spacer are unlimited, ranging from Military, Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace industries to Healthcare and Fashion. Abrasion resistance of the 3-D Spacer fabric exceeds 200,000 Double Rubs. In a word, it is a durable material.

The EquineLUX Saddle Pads are machine washable. They dry out very quickly due to the open-cell structure of the 3-D Spacer fabric.

EquineLUX Saddle Pads feature 100% cotton lining that is quilted with lightweight synthetic fiber to wick away sweat quickly, while the breathable 3-D Spacer fabric top layers promote efficient evaporation. Cotton is the best material for horses that have sensitive skin prone to irritation. EquineLUX Saddle Pads' cotton underside allows for better air circulation and helps to keep the horse more comfortable during exercise.

High quality MERINO Sheepskin (we do not use sheep wool woven onto a cotton yarn) offers all of the advantages of genuine wool over synthetic fibers, providing sufficient airflow, comfortable cushioning, efficient impact and friction protection.

Non-slip, PVC-coated textile provides superb grip without stickiness and prevents lateral, forward, or backward shifting of the saddle. It firmly secures the saddle in the right place, helping the rider to keep balance.

Most of the EquineLUX Saddle-Pads' models feature two large pockets that can accommodate both comfort-cushioning and saddle-fitting shims. Every saddle pad with pockets is supplied with a pair of FREE High-Resilience foam shims (1/2 Inch). Thanks to the wide openings, shims can be easily inserted and removed from the saddle pad's pocket when needed. Moreover, EquineLUX Saddle Pads with pockets can be used both with and without shims.

Jumper Saddle Pad with pockets for shims
Jumper Saddle Pad with Pockets for Shims
Dressage Saddle Pad with Sheepskin
Dressage Saddle Pad with Sheepskin Lining
Eventing Saddle Pad for Shows
Dressage Saddle Pad
Hunter saddle Pad with pockets for shims
Hunter Saddle Pad with Pockets for Shims

EquineLUX  Half-Pads

The EquineLUX team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers has created the next generation of Half-Pads for Jumper, Dressage, and Eventing. Thanks to the smart combination of natural and high-tech materials that we use in production, every EquineLUX Half-Pad allows horse riders to benefit from such extremely valuable characteristics as breathability, grip without stickiness, and shock absorption. Moreover, two large pockets are designed specifically to ensure proper fit of the saddle and comfort for the horse by accommodating both specialized and custom-made shims.

Each EquineLUX Half-Pad features superior quality of workmanship rarely found today.

ComfortLUX     This half-pad combines all of the advantages of natural and high-tech materials and brings together superior properties of the Merino sheepskin, air-through Non-Slip mesh textile, and 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric. Genuine leather patches reinforce the front side of the half-pad. Open-cell High-Resilience (HR) foam shims in conjunction with Merino sheepskin provide efficient shock absorption and optimum comfort. In a word then, ComfortLUX turns horseback riding into an enjoyable and luxurious experience both for the rider and the horse.

MerinoLUX     The combination of the 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric and Merino sheepskin lining does not compromise the saddle fit and allows this half-pad to work as a close-contact, shock-reducing layer between the horse and the saddle. When placed directly on the horse's back, Merino sheepskin lining provides a long-lasting therapeutic effect on horse's skin. The totally breathable 3-D Spacer fabric reduces heat build-up and guarantees high moisture transfer. The durable PolyPro webbing reliably protects half-pad's edges against wear.

BufferLUX     Made with two large size pockets, this half-pad features extra layers of the 3-D Spacer fabric and ensures proper saddle fit by using either custom-made or specialized shims for saddle fitting. BufferLUX half-pad does a perfect job of protecting the horse's back from impact. A pair of the HR foam shims (thickness: 1/2") is included in the package. They allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus reducing pressure and providing a shock absorption effect. Moreover, this half-pad is reversible, which comes handy if one of the two sides gets dirty.

GripLUX     When GripLUX is placed under the saddle, it fixates both the saddle and saddle pad, preventing them from slipping. GripLUX holds the saddle in the right place and allows the rider to sit firmly in the saddle. Air-through Non-Slip Mesh upper and lining assure perfect grip, while still retaining its breathability. The 3-D Spacer fabric reduces heat build-up, guarantees maximum breathability, effecient moisture transfer and evaporation. High-quality Merino sheepskin trim on the front and rear sides has a stylish look and elegantly defines the shape of the saddle.

EquineLUX | ComfortLUX NON-SLIP Half-Pad
ComfortLUX Jumper half-pad
EquineLUX | MerinoLUX NON-SLIP Half-Pad
MerinoLUX Jumper half-pad
EquineLUX | BufferLUX NON-SLIP Half-Pad

BufferLUX Jumper half-pad

EquineLUX | GripLUX NON-SLIP Half-Pad
GripLUX Jumper half-pad