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Item code J101-B
Saddle Sizes 17" - 17 1/2"
18" - 18 1/2"
19" - 19 1/2"
Dimensions Size Chart
Color Black
On-Site Price $145.00

SHOCK-REDUCING Jumper  NON-SKID Saddle Pad with COTTON Lining and POCKETS for shims

  • 100% cotton lining is quilted with lightweight synthetic fiber to wick away sweat quickly and efficiently, thus keeping the horse more comfortable while you ride. Moreover, when wet, cotton fabric tends to naturally stick to the horse skin, which makes the SHOCK-REDUCING saddle pad non-slip without actually hurting the horse;
  • Breathable 3-Dimensional Spacer textile reduces heat build-up and provides excellent moisture vapor transfer;
  • Non-Slip mesh upper prevents the saddle from sliding and shifting, and steadily secures the SHOCK-REDUCING Saddle Pad under the saddle;
  • Two large pockets are designed specifically to ensure proper fit of the saddle and comfort for the horse by accommodating both specialized and custom-made shims;
  • High-Resilience open-cell foam shims allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus minimizing pressure points;
  • Both authentic and custom-made shims can be easily inserted and removed due to the wide pocket openings;
  • Genuine leather reinforcements protect saddle pad against wear in the girth area;
  • SHOCK-REDUCING Saddle Pad can be used both with and without shims;
  • A pair of FREE High-Resilience 1/2-inch foam full-size inserts is included in the package.

Optional:  SHEEP WOOL FELT Inserts, contain virgin wool (95%), recombed wool (5%); item details

3-DIMENSIONAL SPACER Inserts, 100% air-permeable (breathable); item details

Made in Canada 

NOTE: If you have a saddle with gusseted panels, we recommend you to order a saddle pad that is one size bigger than the actual size of your saddle. Alternatively, you can place a special order for a custom-made saddle pad at no extra charge.

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